Saturday, February 01, 2003

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JAAAANNNNNEEEEEE!!! i had sooo much damn fun. i just feel bad that it's always me talking about my constant dramas. AHK! First, we got to TC and then we took pix..the UNNi that was taking our pix was pretty funny, we kept laffing and stuff..SO..right before taking our pix we were bursting out with laughter
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Current JAMS: KCi and JoJo- All my Life
It's about time finals are over. I spent a whole day at my dad's store yesterday. I havent been that bored outta my mind in a while. AHK! do we have an AP EURO essay???? frikken A..i fucked up this semester. I probably have a frikken LOW ass GPA..damnnnnn..pistmee offffff~ dayum. i'm losing touch with, friends..if i was pretty close with one person..i leave someone else out and i was just thing about it..ahk! i dunno how im gunnah get to a decent college. or even at the most..CAL STATE..i gave up on ucla long time ago. erk! i was thinking about something..while i was talking to Michelle on the phone..if i still lived in Gardena..and went to the same church..even now, i think i would be compared to the point that i'd burst. it's just the fact that church seems to be a place of gossip. People complain about the food, how they ate the same GOOK last week so on and so forth. it's just like, dude, go buy your food then, dont complain about food that God's providing for you. another thought, when you lose something, you realize the preciousness of it..or how much it meant to you. truthfully, losing a friend doesnt hurt me at all. it just seems like one person is missing. If that person was a true friend, he/she wouldn't give us all the crap and lay the crap out on their friends. i mean, the least they could do is just conversate with the other person, and tell them what's going on..not just laying all the shit out on them and just leaving it there. i think it's time that we let her know. Truthfully, i want to gang up on him/her and yell at him/her and shit buh imma be nice. i dunno why i should be nice for all the shit that that person have brought alla us..but i will. that person is ONE SORRY ASS BITCH. that's all for today. fuck, i have to go take pix. i hate going to imagx friken, they have bad service dude. and the people that work there are quite bitter if you havent noticed.